Penthouse Living: The Perks Are Sky High

Penthouse Living: The Perks Are Sky High

What is a penthouse? Penthouses are known as the best units in a building located on the top floor, as the height and larger apartment size were luxurious premiums that people are willing to pay more for.

Often, penthouses are luxury units with increased space, expansive outdoor terraces, and many more benefits and amenities. Do you want to learn more about the perks of living in a penthouse?

Keep reading this article for the top reasons that penthouse apartments are the right choice for your new home!

Increased Square Footage

One of the primary benefits of living in a luxury penthouse apartment is that it will provide you with much more square footage than a traditional apartment. This is because penthouses are typically located on the top floor of an apartment building, which means there are few, if any other, units on the same floor.

This increased square footage makes your home much more valuable and will increase your resale value if you were ever to sell.

Plus, it allows you do to more with your space! Whether you want to use your penthouse to entertain guests or even to grow your family, the extra space of a penthouse will allow you to spread out more comfortably.

Luxurious Outdoor Space

Many penthouses also are accompanied by luxurious outdoor spaces. These include extended balconies, verandas, private swimming pools, and even a private garden. You cannot get these same luxuries when you are living in a traditional apartment.

In urban spaces, these outdoor spaces are a premium luxury, which makes them worth a lot more. If you have access to an exclusive terrace, it is something that you simply cannot put a price tag on!

It allows you to escape to a private outdoor area without having to leave your city.

Plus, many people living in a big city find that apartments may begin to feel claustrophobic because of how many people there are and how difficult it is to find private outdoor space. Spending time outside is good for your health, so having your own private outdoor area will help you feel much more at ease.

Premium Finishes and Customization

When you live in a penthouse, your home will also have high-end features. Luxury penthouses offer the best of the best when it comes to premium finishes, customization, and other features of a luxury property.

Because these penthouses are luxury units, they will usually have the best options when it comes to appliances, hardware, and other features.

Many of these penthouses will have spacious, open living spaces, chef-quality kitchens, and even an ensuite bathroom that more closely resembles a spa. If you are looking for the most luxurious living space, these customized finishes will make a huge impact on your overall space.

Private Elevators

You will also have private elevators when you live in a luxurious penthouse. This advantage provides you with a special status in your living space.

Rather than taking the same elevator like everyone else, you can step directly into your apartment from your elevator doors. This makes it easier for you to get into your penthouse without having to walk past several other living spaces.

Not only is this more convenient, but it also adds an element of luxury and class.

Large Windows and Great Views

One of the biggest penthouse benefits is that they have much larger windows and more windows throughout the entire space. Not only does this provide great natural light and ventilation, but it will also provide you with the best views in your entire building.

When you are living in a big city, these panoramic views are hard to get. This will help you feel connected with your city and will improve the aesthetics of your living space.

You will also be able to enjoy these views more thoroughly, as most penthouses have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Living on the top floor will ensure that your view is not blocked by nearby buildings.

You may even be able to get a bird’s eye view of your city if you live on the top floor!

Increased Privacy and Security

Another significant perk of living in a penthouse is that you will have increased privacy and security in your home. When you are living in a big city, it may be difficult or even impossible to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

When you live in a penthouse, you will find peace and quiet that is not available in any other living space! This is because the larger sizes of penthouses mean that there are fewer units on the floor. Plus, you will be living on the top floor so you will not have people living above you.

You will not have noisy neighbours or people regularly walking past your door. Instead, you can spend time alone enjoying your solace and complete privacy from others.

Plus, penthouses have private entrances that not everyone has access to. This means that you will be able to determine who you want to have in your home. You will never have to worry about nosy neighbours, solicitors, or anyone else coming to your home unannounced.

Finally, there are heightened security amenities that are available for luxurious apartments and penthouses. You can have access to secured underground parking, 24/7 security personnel, and more.

Impressive Amenities

Not only is your penthouse itself a luxurious space, but there are also many other impressive and luxurious amenities that you can enjoy when you live in a penthouse.

Often, there are amenities that come with top floor living. This includes things like private pools, a recreation centre or gymnasium, and even a jacuzzi!

These top floor retreats are a great place to host parties and other gatherings. Plus, the tranquillity of a top floor allows you and your guests to escape the busyness of the world while still enjoying your time outdoors.

Higher Ceilings & Open Floor Plans

A defining feature of many penthouses is the high ceilings, accompanied by the floor-to-ceiling windows that make your space feel more open and inviting.

There are many benefits of having high ceilings in your living space. Not only will this make your home feel more spacious, but it is also a luxurious feature that instantly makes your home look more impressive.

Many penthouses also have open floor plans, which make them feel much more spacious. This makes it easier for you to entertain, improves the flow of your decor, and it also allows the natural light from your large windows to travel farther throughout your home.

Low-Maintenance Living

Another reason why many people choose to live in a penthouse is that it provides them with low-maintenance living.

One of the biggest drawbacks of homeownership is the maintenance that is required. However, penthouse living will allow someone else to take care of this for you. You will never have to worry about exterior maintenance or making repairs to your penthouse.

Similarly, many penthouses have access to a private 24-hour concierge service. This essentially provides you with an assistant to help you with different amenities, like deliveries, errands, and other daily tasks like making reservations for you.

Great Resale Value

Finally, a penthouse is a great investment! You will often find that they will appreciate and have a great resale value if you ever decide to move somewhere else.

These resale properties often sell for much more than other apartments! This is because there are fewer penthouses available on the market. When there is a high demand and low supply of penthouses, you will be able to sell your property faster and for more money.

Should you choose to sell your penthouse, you can expect to get a much larger return on your initial investment. You don’t have to worry about your property value decreasing!

If you want to learn more about the resale value of a penthouse, you can meet with an expert real estate agent that specializes in penthouse listings.

Interested in Penthouse Living? We Can Help

Living in a penthouse provides many benefits to homeowners. Not only will you live in a luxurious space with increased square footage, but it also provides additional privacy, low-maintenance living, and more.

If you are interested in penthouse living and are looking for a home in Marbella, We can help you find luxury properties, including villas and penthouses.

Contact us today to learn more about our properties for sale in Marbella or for help finding the right penthouse for your needs!



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